Longboards / Softboards


The Lock Rack Long board roof rack system is designed to hold up to 1 or 2 long boards and come with a rail protector insert.

Long boards have always been a thing of beauty but not always so easy to transport or take on and off a roof rack especially in windy conditions. The Lock Rack Long board roof rack system makes transporting your long board so easy, you literally slide your board into the inner arms that grip the rails and keeps your board from flying off – ouch! You then click the outer arms into place that automatically lock and away you go – simples!

The Long board rack system includes;

    • 4 x Short arms in BLACK.
    • 2 x Rail protector inserts.
    • 2 x 25 or 45 cm bases to suit your board width
    • 4 x Lock rack keys.

This system will fit all Aero type roof rack bars with a channel. For non channel or square type bars the Adapter kit will be required as an addition.

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