Lockrack another great review from surf europe magazine

Another great review for lockrack with surf europe mag, please click on link below.


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Great review on supthemag.com

Well, it’s be a while since our last post but check out the exciting news we have to share today. We were recently reviewed by the people over at supthemag.com

Kayak loading made simple

Lock rack kayakH2o Kayak Roller Load Assister - H2OROLLER

Loading your fishing kayak on a roof rack is not so easy as with craft weighing 30 kg or so plus unforeseen wind = potential damage to craft and vehicle.

By the Lockrack kayak system with the H20 Kayak assist your loading and

unloading is made super easy. The Kayak assist is a super simple roller system for easy handling of your craft.

Roll your kayak up onto the Lock rack base, push the kayak into position so that the Lockrack arms are now gripping your craft = no movement from wind, attach outer arms and good to travel, simple, secure, quick and easy.

This complete system really will make your life easier







SUP Roof racks

Attaching your SUP or stand up paddle board to a roof rack has predominantly been the good old tension strap or systems that in effect tie down your board which they causing potential stress fractures in the fiberglass / construction which over 20 or so journeys well can nail your expensive board!

Its how its always been! –  I hear you say

That is true however and as I know myself how many times have I nearly cracked my side window let alone nearly lost a board in the wind. An expensive mistake for sure.

With Lockrack this is no longer an issue as the inner arms are shaped to grip the rail of the board so that it doesn’t fly off in the wind whilst the outer arm is clicked into place, not to mention that this takes less than a minute to rack it and go.

Yes it may be £159.95 a set but look how much time you save and over 5 years or so its pennies, by a good item once as they say and reap the benefit.

Lock rack - SURF Double

Introductory offer

Buy your lock rack system in November and get a 10% introductory offer. All we ask for in return is for a picture and a testimonial once your system is racked up – easy


Lock rack has been such a success within the UK SUP and Surf community that we are constantly having to re order – from South Africa ! so shipping is taking between 3 to 4 weeks. In order to secure your Lock rack when we are “out of stock” we ask that you place a back order with us by paying a small and ultimately refundable deposit.

Once we have received your deposit we prioritize your order and notify you as soon as the next container arrives to the UK.

If you would like to ask any other questions then please just call me directly on 0777251122.