SUP Roof racks

Attaching your SUP or stand up paddle board to a roof rack has predominantly been the good old tension strap or systems that in effect tie down your board which they causing potential stress fractures in the fiberglass / construction which over 20 or so journeys well can nail your expensive board!

Its how its always been! –  I hear you say

That is true however and as I know myself how many times have I nearly cracked my side window let alone nearly lost a board in the wind. An expensive mistake for sure.

With Lockrack this is no longer an issue as the inner arms are shaped to grip the rail of the board so that it doesn’t fly off in the wind whilst the outer arm is clicked into place, not to mention that this takes less than a minute to rack it and go.

Yes it may be £159.95 a set but look how much time you save and over 5 years or so its pennies, by a good item once as they say and reap the benefit.

Lock rack - SURF Double